Let not your desires arise for your pleasures, let them arise from the pain/agony of others. "O' God! You have given me eyes, let me be useful to the blind. O' God! You have given me strength. Let me useful to the weak." Just change the direction of your desires, they will be removed.-Swami ShriSharnanandji

॥ हरि: शरणम्‌ !॥ ॥ मेरे नाथ ! ॥ ॥ हरि: शरणम्‌ !॥
॥ God's Refuge ! ॥ ॥ My Lord ! ॥ ॥ God's Refuge ! ॥

The Importance of Calling 'He Nath !' (O’ Lord !)

'My Lord' this appeared in Udaipur. When I saw a sorrowful being or an aspirant, this (thought) appeared. 'My Lord' - You are mine so You are Dear. Do you know for whom is the term (Nath) 'Lord' used? For the One who is our Protector and capable.

The feelings that will come from 'My Lord' are of three types - (1) Dearness; (2) Care freeness; and (3) Fearlessness. You tell me, if any brother or sister achieves 'Care freeness' and 'Fearlessness' in their life, what higher life can be attained? But be aware, this care freeness and fearlessness can even be due to ignorance and/or shamelessness. The care freeness due to shamelessness does not have dearness but has the attraction for sensual pleasures. That is the reason why dearness is required before care freeness and fearlessness.

I tell people that if there is any worry in your mind, and if at that moment the words 'My Lord' comes to your lips, then believe me your worry will be destroyed. If at that moment you remember that you are not without a Protector, you have (are with) a Protector, then how can fear remain? Fear comes only in the lives of those who are without any Protector. The ones who have a Protector, how can any fear come in their lives? How can any apathy come in their lives? Why will he be tormented by any incapability? Only he will be tormented by incapability who does not have any Protector. Which incapability does a small child experience in His Mother's lap?

There are no more beautiful words than 'My Lord' in our language.

॥ हे मेरे नाथ! तुम प्यारे लगो, तुम प्यारे लगो! ॥
॥ O' My Lord! May I find you lovable, May I find you lovable! ॥

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