Whatever exists is His : this is first stage of devotion. Whatever there is, therein He is : He is Omnipresent-this makes the second stage of devotion. Whatever exists is He : this is the third phase of devotion. The final stage of devotion cannot be described, where there is but One without second.-Swami Sharnanandji

॥ हरि: शरणम्‌ !॥ ॥ मेरे नाथ ! ॥ ॥ हरि: शरणम्‌ !॥
॥ God's Refuge ! ॥ ॥ My Lord ! ॥ ॥ God's Refuge ! ॥

From the book "A Saint's Call To Mankind"


All virtues are embedded in the plenitude of love, and all vices in the want of love.


Why do our eyes not see Eternal Beauty? Because they are content to play with the fleeting forms of beauty.


What is prayer? The strengthening of aspiration is true prayer.


Imagine a household where every individual has to keep a gun by his bedside for his protection! Even so the wise are shocked by the distrust and hostility which leads the various countries and nations to live in constant fear of one another.


Man's life is a life for sadhana (spiritual practice). There is no room therein for wasting the resources given to him. There is no greater wastage than misdirecting our thoughts into looking into others' faults, instead of introspecting our own.


Indeed, the mystery of the present, which is life, remain hidden from us and our minds, because we continuously feed on the shadows of the past and of the future.


It is amazing that we run after the world which constantly spurns us, and turn our back upon the Lord who is ever ready to take us in to His arms.


Self-surrender to Divine Grace is the best and most potent weapon to end all the impurities of the mind.


Love consumes all desires, because it is self-existent and not dependent on any other.


The true servant makes no difference between a small piece of work and a so-called big piece of work, for all works is the Lord's. It is the egoist who makes such difference for his own glorification.


Just as any obstacle in the way of a flowing river accentuates the velocity of the flow, even so unfavorable circumstances in the way of a servant only accelerate the momentum of his service. Thus, unfavorable circumstances advance, and not retard, the progress of the sadhaka. What is given to us, including our environment, is but the material for sadhaka given by God.


Ordinary action-even good deeds-feed the ego; service dissolves the ego and awakens the real Self.


Stages may exist on the path, but there is no question of stages in the goal. The goal of man is self-realization. Self-realisation is never partial. What is partial is not Self-realisation.


Should one fear that it is not possible to retain one’s so called life without things, let him reflect if it is possible to retain it with things!


Any manifestation of beauty should offer the sadhaka a foretaste of the Divine which lends life to all forms.


Infinite is the love of the Lord Who has created us. What cause is there for any fear or anxiety if we do not turn our backs upon Him?


It is an irony that our faith in things has robbed us of faith in Him from Whom all things derive their existence and into Whom they merge, like the waves in the ocean.


Dislike is not renunciation, it is attachment through dislike.


Everyone can give at least respect to elders and affection to younger ones.


Never consider another to be the cause of your suffering. Suffering is always the results of one’s own deeds or faults.


A remorseful sinner is dearer to God than a yogi proud of his yoga.


As the pure water of a river, on being confined into a pit, gives rise to various germs and diseases, so does love, when confined into a body or an object, turn into moha and give rise to various evils.


Every event in one’s life has a lesson to teach. The thoughtful imbibe the lesson and forget the incident. The thoughtless forget the lesson but keep thinking about the event.


Right action is better than wrong action; better than right action is the feeling of non-doership. To surrender our actions, feelings and knowledge is the way to realise God. We cannot realise Him surrendering only one of the three.


A true sadhaka is never left in the dark. The smallest sadhana, sincerely performed, finds the next step automatically illumined, with all the necessary shakti.

Wherever Hindi term is used, is written in italic form.

॥ हे मेरे नाथ! तुम प्यारे लगो, तुम प्यारे लगो! ॥
॥ O' My Lord! May I find you lovable, May I find you lovable! ॥

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