The servant of God does not regard his body or his mind or any external possessions as his own; but he offers them to God in His service. God purifies the most contaminated instruments, once they are sincerely offered to Him. -Swami Shri Sharnanandji

॥ हरि: शरणम्‌ !॥ ॥ मेरे नाथ ! ॥ ॥ हरि: शरणम्‌ !॥
॥ God's Refuge ! ॥ ॥ My Lord ! ॥ ॥ God's Refuge ! ॥

Eleven Rules Of Manav Seva Sangh

Basic Principle Of Humanity


Introspection, ie., to see one's own flaws in light of the received conscience.


Taking the oath of not repeating an already committed mistake, to pray with simple faith.


To apply discrimination (judgement) for oneself and faith for others, ie., apply justice for oneself, and love and forgiveness for others.


One's own development through control over senses, service, remembrance of God, and search for truth.


Not considering others' duties as one's own right, others' magnanimity as one's own goodness, and others' weakness as one's own strength.


Despite having no family or societal relation, to have mutual interaction and benevolence in accordance with the sentiment of family, ie., unity (universality) of love despite the diversity of action.


To serve the proximate people, as far as possible, through actions.


From the viewpoint of physical benefit, to practice restraint in eating and lifestyle habits, and self-dependence in daily chores.


Making the body hard-working, the mind restrained, the intellect conscientious, the heart loving, and the ego pride-less to beautify oneself.


To consider the objects as more important than money, the people as more important than objects, the conscience as more important than people, and the Truth as more important than conscience.


To brighten the future by giving up useless-worrying, and by properly utilizing the present.
[Read the worth-seeing-prayer and the detailed explanation of these eleven rules in the book "manavata ke mool siddhaant" (Fundamental principles of Humanity) published by Manav Seva Sangh.]

॥ हे मेरे नाथ! तुम प्यारे लगो, तुम प्यारे लगो! ॥
॥ O' My Lord! May I find you lovable, May I find you lovable! ॥

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